Request for Expert(s)/ Consultant(s)

Terms of Reference for selecting Expert/s to elaborate the manual for working with young people in job coaching, mentoring and the school for life (English)

Project: Wings4Youth - Support for young people leaving care trough a multi-sectorial approach: a model to combine training of care leavers and staff with developing adequate CSR activities, financed by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

Background of Activity

Following the legal requirements of the international Human Rights Framework (e.g. the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - UNCRC by all EU Member States) and the recommendations of various instruments such as the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and the European Standards for De-institutionalisation, Romania and Bulgaria have both developed alternative models of care in response to the traditional, large residential care systems.

While the number of children in residential care, in Romania and Bulgaria, has reduced in the last decade, those remaining in the care system tend to be older children who have never lived in a family and for whom it is difficult to find alternative, family-based accommodation (UNICEF, 2009). In Romania, 56% of children living in residential care are between 10 and 17 years old and almost 40% of children in care have no chances of family reintegration before the age of 18 (Stănculescu, 2016). Figures for Bulgaria show similar tendencies.

Despite marked differences in the organization of social care and child protection services in Romania and Bulgaria, there are remarkable similarities in the characteristics and experiences of young people who had been in residential care. At the age of 18 or even older, care leavers are more likely than other young people to not be in employment, education or training, to be socially excluded or homeless. It is therefore crucial that protection systems and social services meet the needs of young care leavers so they have the necessary skills to become independent, to access employment or continue with education and secure housing. It is important to recognize the positive features, strengths and competences of these young people in order to strenghten their resilience.

An essential factor is the access to support and services which can prepare them better, focus on the opportunities and help them develop their skills and abilities for the time when they will be independent. It is the role of the proffesionals to prepare the young person for their transition into adulthood and to support them throughout the process through a well-planned and coordinated effort.

In this context, CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization together with its partners is implementing the Wings4Youth project funded by the Directorate General Justice and Consumers, Programme and Financial Management, Program of the European Union. The aim of the project is to explore how a multi-sectorial approach to the preparation of young people to leave alternative care can improve their wellbeing and prospects for an independent life.

The project will be led by CONCORDIA Romania and will involve 2 partner organizations from Bulgaria and Romania. It targets care leavers: young people that will leave the care system or have recently left it, care professionals and employeers from Romania and Bulgaria.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to equipe young people with information, skills and competences which support their transition out-of-care and their access to decent employment and a fullfiled social life;
  • to provide care professionals and care providing organisations with trainings, tools and evidence-based proved models of supporting the transition of care leavers, in particular in the area of building life-skills (mentoring, schoolforlife and job coaching);
  • to explore sucessful and promissing CSR models which can support young people in their social and economic inclusion

The project aims to involve young people, equally girls and boys, both from state and private care organisations, in developing and evaluating various models of support.

Requirements for the expert(s) / consultant(s)

An expert/consultant or a team of experts/consultants for a period of 6-7 months is requested to support the Wings4Youth Project implemented by CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization and its partners by elaborationg the manual for working with young people in mentoring, school for life and job coaching. The manual will be edited in English. The consultant will be responsible for maintaing the relationship and communication, related to the elaboration of the manual with the two national teams from Romania and Bulgaria. The manual is meant to be used by professionals working in child protection system in Romania and Bulgaria. The consultant will take up writing tasks (60%) and overall communication tasks (40%). The consultant will be responsible to propose a structure of the manual together with topics of the main chapters included, that are going to be discussed with in the international expert team.   

Qualifications, skills or knowledge required


  • Communication: excelent communication skills are a requirement as the expert(s)/consultant(s) will have to communicate with individuals and teams from Romania and Bulgaria; Very good oral and written communication in English is required;
  • Planning and organization: Ability to identify priority activities and assignments, allocation of appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work.
  • Teamwork: ability to work collaboratively with professionals from national teams to achieve the goal; willingness to learn from others and share information and knowledge with others;
  • Curiosity and open-mindedness: ability to ask questions to clarify, and exhibit interest in having two-way communication; demonstrate openness in sharing information and keeping people informed.


  • Professional experience: Expertise and/or experience in social services, human resources development and/or elaborating guides or manuals.
  • Languages: Fluency in written and spoken English is essential; The ability to understand & speak other languages such as Romanian and/or Bulgarian considering that the consultant will be engaged in communication with two national teams (Romania and Bulgaria) or might consult materials, including, for example, guides, brochures and websites in these languages, will be an added value.

Duration of contract

6 – 7 months, during the following period: June 1st 2019 – January 31st, 2020.


In line with consultancy rates previously used by consultant, project’s budget allocation and project’s outputs (exact renumeration depends on the professional experience attained by the consultant and the proposed work deliverable).

Travel involved

Travel may be necessary over the consultancy period.

Expected deliverables

  1. First draft of the manual due August 10th, 2019
  2. Completed manual (aprox 100 pages, in English) due December 5th, 2019.


Interested candidates are invited to send their application to,ro by May 31st, 2019.  The application should include:

  • CV of organisation and/or evaluator
  • Description of proposed plan
  • Excerpts of previous work (max. 2)
  • Expected costs ((total price, differentiated in working days and number of staff, travel costs, other costs).


The non-profit organisation CONCORDIA Social Projects (hereafter CONCORDIA) is a charitable foundation that is - in close collaboration with its sister organisations in Bulgaria, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Germany - dedicated to accompanying children, adolescents and families in distress on their journey towards a self-determined life. CONCORDIA started out in 1991 with lifting street children off the streets in Bucharest and has since extended its services to embrace a broader target region and beneficiary groups in Eastern Europe over the last 28 years. Today, CONCORDIA runs services for children and families in vulnerable conditions in Romania (since 1991), the Republic of Moldova (since 2004), Bulgaria (since 2008) and Austria (since 2016).

The overall goal of CONCORDIA is to contribute to the realization of children’s and human rights. To that end, CONCORDIA aims at (1) securing a functioning everyday life that offers protection, belonging and provision; (2) developing the capacities for self-determination and central „life capabilities“ (self-confidence, self-efficacy and social capacities); (3) mobilizing individuals’ potentials; and (4) fostering secure bonding of children and youth (as an important pre-condition for the development of life capabilities).

The content of this document represents the views of CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organisation and partners only and is their sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.


Economist pentru sediul din București

Sarcinile specifice: 

  • Verificarea și întocmirea facturilor
  • Repartizarea cheltuielilor pe centre de cost și conturi contabile
  • Înregistrarea documentelor în programul de contabilitate
  • Realizarea, actualizarea și interpretarea diferitelor rapoarte
  • Antecalcul și postcalcul
  • Urmărirea încasărilor de la clienți
  • Întocmirea bugetelor anuale și urmărirea încadrării cheltuielilor în bugetul aprobat
  • Întocmirea și depunerea diferitelor declarații
  • Întocmirea registrului de casă
  • Contabilitate de gestiune
  • Cunoașterea temeinică a legislației în domeniul economic
  • Activitate de bugetare - întocmire buget și execuție bugetară
  • Raportare finanțare proiecte.

Profilul candidatului:

  • Studii superioare în domeniul economic, absolvite cu diplomă de licență
  • Cunoștințe de operare PC: Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer
  • Capacitatea de asimilare a cunoștințelor noi și de implementare a informțiilor în activitatea zilnică
  • Abilitatea de a manageria proiecte multiple, cu termene fixe
  • Experiență în lucrul cu diferite programe de contabilitate
  • Capacitatea de a prelucra, interpreta și valorifica informațiile pentru adoptarea celor mai bune decizii sau pentru realizarea de rapoarte complexe
  • Experiență în domeniul financiar - contabil de minim 3 ani
  • Experiența într-un ONG reprezintă un avantaj.

Persoanele interesate sunt rugate să trimită un CV însoțit de o scrisoare de intenție până la data de 31.05.2019, la adresa de e-mail: Vă rugăm menționați în subiectul mesajului: Economist.

Vor fi contactate numai persoanele care îndeplinesc cerințele menționate și sunt selecționate pentru interviu.  

Pentru detalii suplimentare puteți suna la Roxana Panait | Responsabil Resurse Umane | T +40 311 076981. 


Brutar / Patiser pentru Brutăria CONCORDIA (CONCORDIA Development Ploiești)

Candidatul ideal:

  • Calificare pentru poziția de brutar sau patiser
  • Experiență în domeniul producției de produse de patiserie / brutărie
  • Experiența în coordonarea unei echipe de angajați constituie un avantaj
  • Disponibilitate de a lucra în ture.

Descrierea jobului:

  • Întocmește zilnic raportul de producție
  • Realizează zilnic produse de patiserie / panificație
  • Coordonează tinerii ucenici din brutărie
  • Respectă normele de igienă conform legislației în vigoare
  • Asigură curățenia zilnică în brutărie.

Persoanele interesate sunt rugate să trimită un CV însoțit de o scrisoare de intenție până la data de 31.05.2019, la adresa de e-mail: Vă rugăm menționați în subiectul mesajului: Brutar / Patiser.

Vor fi contactate numai persoanele care îndeplinesc cerințele menționate și sunt selecționate pentru interviu.  

Pentru detalii suplimentare puteți suna la Roxana Panait | Responsabil Resurse Umane | T +40 311 076981. 


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